20+ YEARS of Design Excellence

100+ CAD Designs Completed

100+ CAD Designs Completed

50+ PCB Design Engineers

50+ PCB Design Engineers

99% Customer Retention Rate

99% Customer Retention Rate

24 x 6 Support Available

24 x 6 Support Available

Get Professional CAD Engineering Services with Decades of Experience!

We Engineer and Design the Future

GigHz leverages decades of engineering expertise to optimize all stages of embedded product development. Our proficient teams provide innovative ECAD, MCAD, and analysis solutions for automotive, medical, aerospace, and telecom industries.

By customizing each design through innovation, we aim to reduce costs by over 52% while accelerating time-to-market by 25%. With a focus on quality, on-time delivery, and customer-centric solutions, we help clients bring ideas to life. As a trusted partner, GigHz fosters collaboration with startups and enterprises to turn complex projects into seamless realities that exceed expectations.

Why Choose Us?


Industries We Serve

Automobile Industry

Automobile Industry

We accelerate automotive innovation and cut development timelines through deep CAD expertise across electrical and mechanical systems.



Our specialized CAD services empower rapid design and compliance for medical device makers seeking to enhance high speed design outcomes.



We reduce aerospace development timelines through collaborative CAD support across complex spacecraft and defense programs.


Our CAD skills help telecom equipment makers design high-density electronics, optimise thermal properties, and validate signal integrity through simulation.

Elevating Your Business With Our End-to-End Engineering Services

E-CAD Services

Seamless Automation For Electronic Design (ECAD)

Our end-to-end Electronic CAD design services boost your productivity and accelerate time-to-market. We create custom component libraries optimized for your workflows to boost efficiency. Our experts deliver ready-to-manufacture schematics tailored to your design needs. We transform schematics into physical PCBs optimized for manufacturability, performance, and cost.

We smoothly convert existing design data into any format for EDA migrations while ensuring completeness. With expertise across the entire ECAD flow, we become an extension of your team to deliver optimized results tailored to your specific requirements. Leverage our full suite of ECAD services to focus on innovation while we handle the implementation.

Simulating the Future with MCAD Solutions

Our MCAD solutions enable digital prototyping to simulate products before manufacturing. We build robust 2D engineering drawings optimised for simulation, visualisation, documentation, and manufacturing. Our expertise spans 3D modelling from concept to completion, enclosure design, reverse engineering of physical parts, engineering drawings for manufacturing, and value engineering to cut costs.

By leveraging our full range of MCAD services you can bring innovative products to market faster and more cost-effectively. We become your virtual product development team to simulate before you fabricate.

M-CAD Services
Analysis and Simulation services

Analysis & Simulation Services Before Manufacturing

Our expert analysis and simulation services provide critical insights before manufacturing. Thermal analysis identifies issues and solutions to maintain safe operating temperatures. Signal and power integrity analysis ensures error-free signal transmission and clean power delivery.

Worst-case circuit analysis predicts reliability under extreme conditions. EMI/EMC analysis verifies your design meets regulatory standards. Identifying issues early optimises designs for reliability, safety, and compliance. Our virtual testing gives actionable feedback when changes are most cost-effective.

Leverage our simulation services to validate your product meets specifications the first time. We help you get it right before manufacturing.

Why Choose Gighz

The engineering team at GigHz stays ahead of the curve by actively adopting new technologies to expand expertise and master emerging tools. Even so, we know quality results come from human oversight. Hence our experts supercharge every stage – from early concepts to ready-to-manufacture designs.

We challenge our Engineering capabilities with emerging technologies to keep your time and cost in control, thereby transforming embedded product design with human touch quality.

Bringing Your Vision to Life

Our Successful CAD Design Modeling Projects

Signal Integrity Analysis
Enclosure Design for FPD Repeater
Worst Case Circuit Analysis of FPD Repeater Board

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Partner with Gighz and bring your most innovative design concepts to life. Our engineering cad services accelerate development so you can focus on your big vision.

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