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GigHz empowers companies to transform ideas into reality by providing expert engineering services across the entire product development cycle. Our experienced ECAD, MCAD, and Analysis teams become an extension of your team to accelerate innovation and optimize product design development.

Leveraging our full suite of Design services allows you to create custom component libraries that enhance design efficiency, produce manufacture-ready CAD drawings tailored to your needs, build robust 3D models for simulation and documentation, and identify issues early through thermal, signal, and power integrity analysis. We also enable smooth transitions of design data across EDA platforms.

With GigHz as your engineering design partner, you can cut development and testing timelines, reduce costs through design optimizations, ensure designs meet requirements the first time, and overcome resource limitations. Our passion for engineering excellence paired with our commitment to your success means you get the specialized skills and support to achieve your goals.

Bring your most ambitious innovations to life faster with GigHz.

Empowering Electronic CAD Design Services at GigHz CAD Solutions

Accelerate Your Product Development

Our electronic design solutions leverage the most advanced EDA technologies and engineering expertise to turn your vision into reality. Take advantage of the latest techniques in schematic capture, high-speed PCB layout, modeling, analysis, and more to develop innovative, high-quality electronic products with optimal performance and reliability.

Partner with us for access to cutting-edge design capabilities including high-density PCBs over 20 layers, BGA fanout routing, DDRx design, and 5G layout. Our skilled engineers incorporate the newest EDA tools, components, and processes into your designs to create next-generation products that exceed expectations.

Experience Our Cutting-Edge Electronic Design Solutions

Component Engineering

Component Engineering

We identify, source, and verify optimal electronic components like microcontrollers, sensors, and power systems to meet your design goals for embedded electronic products.

Library Service

Library Service

We build customized symbol and footprint libraries so your engineers can access verified components like integrated circuits, microcontrollers, sensors, and processors to accelerate PCB design.

Schematic Capture

Schematic Capture

We convert your concepts into detailed schematics that visualize circuit connections for documentation to develop products like ADAS, ECU BMS, and embedded systems.

PCB Design

PCB Design

We design your high-density boards up to 20+ layers adhering to standards for quality, following robust design processes to create products like BMS, ADAS, graphics cards, and computer motherboards.

EDA Conversion

EDA Conversion

With our EDA Conversion, we seamlessly translate your files between tools like Altium, Cadence, Siemens, Mentor Graphics Expedition, and Zuken to preserve design data with over 99% accuracy when developing complex electronics.

ECAD Deliverables

ECAD Deliverables

With our ECAD Deliverables, we provide manufacturing deliverables with comprehensive documentation and files enabling manufacturing of embedded electronic products.

Seamless Mechanical CAD Solutions

Transform Your Concepts to Detailed Designs

Our mechanical CAD services seamlessly translate your ideas and specifications into precise 3D models and 2D manufacturing drawings. With expertise in 3D modeling, enclosure design, engineering drawings, reverse engineering, and value engineering, we help you transform concepts into optimized and manufacturable designs.

Work with us to outsource for a streamlined mechanical CAD solution. We adopt best practices in modular design, DFMA, sheet metal design and standard component selection to deliver cost-effective prototypes with product design excellence. Partner with us to transform your concepts into optimized designs ready for seamless manufacturing.


Experience Exceptional Mechanical Design Services From GigHz

3D Modeling Services

3D Modeling

We create precise 3D CAD models that align with your product design specifications and goals. Our error-free CAD and modeling services ensure manufacturing excellence.


Enclosure Design

We design enclosures that perfectly fit your board, providing a clear visualization of the end product. Our drafting services and expertise cover electrical, mechanical, and electronic enclosures as well as sheet metal prototypes.

CAD Design Engineering Services

Engineering Drawings

Our CAD drafting expertise produces comprehensive engineering drawings for all domains in formats like DWG, DXF, and PDF.

Reverse Engineering Services

Reverse Engineering

We dissect and analyze existing products through reverse engineering to uncover valuable design insights for enhancement.

Value engineering services

Value Engineering

Our value engineering team excels at identifying opportunities to maximize value by improving efficiency and reducing costs without compromising on quality.

MCAD Reports and Deliverables

MCAD Deliverables

Our MCAD services produce high-quality deliverables including 3D models, 2D drawings, and other documentation. We provide files in standard formats for broad compatibility.

Analysis and Simulation

Unleashing the Power of Analysis and Simulation

Fine Tuning Your Electronic Designs

At GigHz, we provide end-to-end analysis and simulation services to ensure your complex electronic designs meet reliability, compliance, and performance goals.

Our expert engineers leverage an integrated EDA platform to seamlessly perform rigorous circuit simulations like thermal analysis, signal integrity analysis, power integrity analysis, worst case circuit analysis, and EMI/EMC analysis.

We identify potential issues that may impact signal quality, power delivery, heat dissipation, resilience, and regulatory compliance early in the design phase. Our iterative validation process, interference source identification, and exploration of alternative solutions help address these issues.

With our integrated analysis approach, we provide actionable insights and design recommendations that help bring robust, compliant, and optimized electronic products to market faster.

Faster Modeling, Analysis, and Refinement

PCB analysis and simulation Services

Thermal Analysis

We identify and address potential heat issues affecting electrical performance and reliability in your advanced PCB designs.

PCB analysis and simulation Services

Signal Integrity Analysis

We run pre and post layout simulations to guarantee robust signal quality and reliability for your complex designs.

Power Integrity Analysis Services in PCB

Power Integrity Analysis

We simulate your PCB’s power delivery network to predict responses to varying loads and improve efficiency.

PCB analysis and simulation Services

Worst Case Circuit Analysis (WCCA)

We verify your circuit's reliable performance under challenging real-world conditions like temperature changes, aging effects, and tolerance stacks.

PCB analysis and simulation Services

EMI/EMC Analysis

We ensure your designs have minimal electromagnetic interference while being resilient to external disturbances.

Analysis Reports & Deliverables

Analysis Deliverables

We provide comprehensive analysis reports with actionable recommendations to optimize your design to meet functional requirements.

Global Reach Tailored Solutions

Partnering with Enterprises, Research Centers and Startups for Advanced CAD Designs

Bringing Your Vision to Life

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