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PCB Analysis and Simulation Services

We perform circuit analysis, to ensure high quality and efficient PCB. We run signal integrity simulations to identify potential signal quality issues. Power integrity analysis ensures stable power delivery. WCCA verifies the design against various operating conditions. Additionally, EMI/EMC analysis ensures minimal electromagnetic interference and resilience to external disturbances.

Software We Work With

We work with the following software:

Our PCB Analysis and Simulation Services Include

Our comprehensive analysis delivers high-quality, robust PCB designs optimized for performance, reliability and manufacturability.

Thermal Analysis

Thermal analysis is crucial for advanced PCB’s with high density, power and smaller size. Increased component density and power, can lead to excessive heat, impacting overall electrical performance and reliability. To address potential issues, we perform thermal analysis in the design phase.

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PCB analysis and simulation Services

Signal Integrity Analysis

Signal integrity analysis is a complex and iterative process that involves simulation, validation and optimization to guarantee robust and reliable electronic designs on time, by running pre and post layout simulations.

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PCB analysis and simulation Services

Power Integrity Analysis

We simulate rigorous analyses to predict how your PCB’s Power Distribution Network will respond to varying loads and fast-changing currents, using specialized tools and strategies, to improve power delivery efficiency.

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Power Integrity Analysis Services in PCB

Worst Case Circuit Analysis

Worst Case Circuit Analysis (WCCA) process is iterated, and design development is continually re-evaluated to ensure the circuit’s reliable performance in the most challenging scenarios. We consider the effects of temperature, aging, tolerance on the circuit to produce results that ensure the highest quality and reliability of the product.

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PCB analysis and simulation Services

EMI/EMC Analysis

Radiated and conducted emissions from electronic products are meticulously analyzed to verify compliance with relevant standards. All critical components, traces, and signal paths are considered to simulate realistic operating conditions

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PCB analysis and simulation Services

Analysis Deliverables

We deliver a comprehensive report to the client, outlining the analysis results and provide recommendations for design improvements. For every analysis outcome, we undertake extensive research to generate highly detailed reports at multiple levels.

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Analysis Reports & Deliverables

  What Sets Us Apart?

  • Potential source of interference identification
  • Seamless design process via integrated EDA platform for diverse analyses
  • Iterative runs for validation
  • Maintains CISPR, IEC, MIL, Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (ASIL) and other relevant industry standards
  • Wide range of alternative solutions to address the issues
PCB analysis and simulation Services

How Can we Help?

We provide signal integrity simulation, power integrity simulation, and PCB thermal analysis to help you circumvent costly hardware design re-spins and enable faster product roll-out.

Complementing GigHz’s hardware verification and embedded testing services, these measures assure your engineering tasks are done right the first time.

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