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Engineering as a Service

With an unwavering commitment to empowering organisations with on-demand engineering talent, GigHz enables access to specialised skills, enhanced capabilities, and innovative solutions with it’s Engineering as a Service offering. 

Engineering Transformation That Drives Value

Gain instant access to top engineering talent and specialised skills with our Engineering as a Service provided by our network. Augment your in-house capabilities with on-demand engineering support from the right engineering discipline that scales to meet your needs.

  • Access niche skills and emerging technologies
  • Accelerate innovation and product development
  • Enhance operational efficiency
  • Maintain focus on core competencies
  • Pay only for the engineering support you require

Our network of highly qualified engineers, from diverse engineering disciplines, empowers agility, drives new capabilities, validates solutions, and enables your organisation to bring ideas to market faster. Leave complex engineering projects to the experts. Contact us today to explore how our new engineering design services can transform your business throughout the entire lifecycle.

The EaaS Objective

Our dedication to electronics aligns ECAD, MCAD, Analysis, and simulation to optimise efficiency across design, production, and operations. By integrating these technical domains, we enable comprehensive analysis to enhance design sustainability and deliver innovative solutions that drive cost savings with high quality and proficient time.

Technical Challenges


Medium Sized



  • Design knowledge on technologies
  • Exposure to Industrial standards
  • Tool, Resources & Solution
  • Integrated libraries – symbol + Footprint +3D Development
  • DFX process in PCB
  • Tool Interoperability Concerns
  • Efficient Component Database Maintenance – Local or Cloud-Based
  • Design maintenance, Release management problems
  • Consistent Use of Standard Design Processes
  • Highly Advanced Technology Complexities
  • Integrating with existing tools
  • Team Collaboration across different time zones


  • Evolving industry standards and regulatory requirement
  • Limited Tool knowledge
  • Limited Data Exchange Formats       
  • Limited Availability of Modern Software Tools
  • Inadequate Cross team Collaboration
  • Inconsistent Operations
  • Lacking Excellence
  • Seamless communication and Data Exchange hurdles
  • Traditional Design Data Migration to Modern System
  • Integration of MCAD Software across different MCAD teams

Analysis & Simulations

  • Acquiring accurate data
  • Limited Software resources
  • Lack of uniform protocols for ensuring quality and efficiency                                 
  • Team Collaboration for advanced Ideas
  • Complexity in Analysing Multilayer PCBs
  • Brainstorm all the possibilities to provide faster results
  • Implementing diverse, effective solutions for present issues
  • Short on time for analysis and simulation.
  • Multiple team co-ordination on single analysis project.

Why Use Our Engineering As a Service?




  • Mastery in Different EDA tools
  • Expertise in industrial standards – IPC, IEEE, IEC, JEDEC, EIA etc.
  • Structured/updated Design process for the Quality and Efficiency
  • EDA conversion with exclusive preservation of original data
  • Compelling and Optimized content for upscaling knowledge
  • Defining process flow by integrating MCAD tool with life cycle management
  • Efficient Handling of MCAD tools like Solidworks, Catia, Siemens NX, Creo
  • Diverse Data Exchange formats adapted for Client needs
  • Optimising Design Times by increasing Operational efficiency
  • Smart Requirements and Prioritize requirements
  • Utilize advanced CAD & simulation tools and modular design practices
  • Sustain flexible workflows and ongoing team learning.
  • Establish a centralized knowledge repository.
  • Enforce standardized documentation practices.

How GigHz Helps Solve Your Business Challenges? 





  • Effective resource training  
  • Streamline process Establishment
  • Complication of Quality and Time–To–Market  
  • Tough competition from established startups
  • Proficiency in T&M, fixed models, and plug-and-play for effective solutions.

  • Process development to support on demand business

  • Streamlined methods for timely high-quality designs.
  • Newly featured up–to-date software enhancement

Medium Sized

  • Absence of well – defined process
  • Addressing market volatility and uncertainty
  • Global growth presents cultural, regulatory, and customer complexities 
  • Identification and Mitigation of potential risks     
  • Technical process support to bring design time 25%

  • Expand, explore, predict strategic market growth.
  • Market Analysis, Local Adaptation, Targeted Partnerships.
  • Develop contingency plans for each risk


  • Database maintenance of demand and supply chain 
  • Different culture and time zone adaptation
  • Complex Product Development Projects 
  • Demand-Driven Engineering for Sustainability
  • Adaptable design team addresses engineers’ needs across different time zones

  • Integrated Project Optimization

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What is Engineering as a Service (EaaS)?

A:Engineering-as-a-service, offered by reliable service providers, is a new trend in the tech industry. It’s about outsourcing engineering work to third parties to simplify and streamline the process for both companies and engineers.
It refers to a delivery model in which a company provides engineering services to clients on a remote, contract basis. Instead of hiring in-house engineers, clients can specify and outsource their engineering needs to a third-party service provider who will handle the engineering design, development, and validation phases of the project.

Q: What are the Benefits of EaaS For Small and Medium Companies?

A: Following are the Key Benefits of EaaS-

1. Reduced Costs: Pay only for the engineering services you need rather than maintaining a large in-house team.
Increased Agility: Scale engineering talent up or down to match project needs.
2. Specialised Expertise: Access niche engineering skills on-demand.
3. Faster Innovation: Bring ideas to market quicker through flexible resourcing.
4. Focus on Core Business: Outsource engineering so you can focus internal efforts on what matters most.

Q: How can Engineering as a Service Benefit my Company?

A: Engaging engineering as a service can bring expertise in new technologies, accelerate time-to-market for products or technologies, and provide a competitive edge through innovative service offerings.

Q:What Type of Engineering Services Do You Offer?

A: We offer engineering services and solutions focused on electronic design automation (ECAD), mechanical design (MCAD), and analysis & simulation for product development across industries like automotive, aerospace, medical devices, and telecom.

Q: What Industries Do You Have Expertise Working In?

A: We have experience across automotive, aerospace, medical devices, consumer electronics, telecom, IoT, and other major industries requiring embedded systems electronics.

Q: How can Outsourcing Engineering Services to GigHz save us money?

A: Outsourcing allows you to pay only for the engineering capacity you need rather than maintaining fixed in-house costs. You also get access to specialised skills without hiring. GigHz also offers flexible engagement models so you can easily scale teams up or down to meet changing project requirements. You only pay for the services needed.

Q:How does GigHz ensure effective knowledge transfer to prevent brain drain?

A: GigHz utilises extensive documentation, design reviews, progress reports, and close communication to enable knowledge sharing. Your team is involved throughout the process

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