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About Us

GigHz Technologies is a young, dynamic and experienced Engineering Service provider offering ECAD, MCAD and Analysis & Simulation services for embedded product development in Automotive, Medical, Aerospace and Telecom fields. Customizing design through innovation, we ensure the embedded product development to enhance their operational efficiency by 20% with cost reduction by 52%, Six Sigma quality, on-time delivery and customer-focused solutions.




Analysis & Simulation



Analysis & Simulation


No matter where your project currently stands, we’re primed to foster collaboration. Our proficiency spans ECAD, MCAD and Analysis & Simulation. Just share your project, one of our experts will contact you within 24 hours after reviewing it.

“If a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is needed prior to sharing project files, we’ll facilitate the signing process, so that a productive conversation can get started.”

Planning to have a detailed conversation about a specific project but require us to sign an NDA first?

Not a problem. Share the NDA with us, and we’ll swiftly sign it, allowing us to kickstart the discussion.

Eager to discuss a project in detail?

Whether you’re seeking answers or looking to engage in a comprehensive project discussion, we’re here to assist. Arrange a call, and one of our experts will connect with you to confirm a suitable meeting time.

Feel free to make the most of this chance to ask about our capabilities, DFM best practices, and relevant case studies. Your questions are welcome without any limitations!

Ready to talk? Give us the details, and we’ll schedule the Zoom call.


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